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First Try Great Grey Owl

First Try Great Grey Owl First Try Great Grey Owl The First Try Great Grey Owl was in my opinion a success.  The first step was to make a printed image on 8″x14″ paper to use as a template.  The next step was to trim as best as possible to the image of the Great Grey Owl. Taping the template, of the Great Grey Owl, I used a scroll saw to cut the 18 gauge copper sheet.   Patience is needed in the trimming and sanding process so you are close and any rough edges smooth.  When the paper template has been removed, the outlines were transferred onto the copper freehand.  From there various tools were used to...

Copper Owl Idea

Copper Owl Idea Copper Owl Idea The idea for a Copper Owl came to me last year after I visited our daughter in San Jose Ca.  She mentioned her passion when I noticed that there were several Owl sculptures in her yard.  When I returned to Sedona, the brain started churning.  Soon the idea of a dimensional copper sculpture would be a nice birthday present for her.


Progress Progress The progress on the latest sculpture has moved along.  The hammering to define the different formations is completed. Texturing the formations to simulate ledges, caves, side formations and striations, was done with multiple tools techniques.  Keeping the edges safe required sanding, folding over or filing.  Soldering the backing in places has allowed some of the mountain formations to jut out, giving more depth perception.  The next phase will be to patina the portion that represents the sky.  I am trying for a blue, but who knows where it will end...

Finally Started

Finally Started Finally Started   I  finally started on one of the ideas that have been in my head since our move.  Lots of home improvement projects have had to take priority over my art work.  So finally a rough sketch on velum of the mountains in view from our dining room here in Sedona was made.  Next was to transfer it to a sheet of copper.  Then the process of  cutting, sanding and removal of burrs started.  The rough outlines of the mountains and their depth perspective was marked for definition and texturing.  As the project continues, the efforts and progress will be...

Waiting for the Shop

Waiting for the Shop   For the last year I have been in the process of relocating my home and shop from the Pleasure Point neighborhood to Sedona Arizona.  It has been a long process to get the old house and shop ready to sell, market, then move.  The house and area we moved into has a good feel to it for both living and inspiration.  As with any home, one is never happy without putting their personal touches into the mix.  We are finally at the point where the must do’s are done and the rest we can tackle one at a time .  The shop is about 50% done and should be up and running...

Oregon Junco and Pleasure Point Copperworks

Oregon Junco In the summer of 2014, my Aunt and Uncle  from Victoria British Columbia,  came to visit our home in Pleasure Point.  It had been a couple of years since we had seen each other so the visit was really pleasant.  My Uncle (Alex) is very adapt at using a camera and has it handy all the time, so he can catch anything that pops into view that he likes.  The photo of the humming bird bathing in one of my fountains,  is one of several he took.  Just before Christmas, in their yard at home, he was able to photograph an Oregon Junco feeding in a bird feeder I made for them. For...


Leftovers The need to clean up the leftovers, has prevented me from getting back into the shop to work on several ideas.  As a general contractor, a small scrap of wood had relatively little importance.  It was saved for blocking, put out for firewood or recycled if possible.  Copper however is $10.00 per square foot.  The need to use every piece, even the smallest is essential. So from the scrap cut outs of suns, kelp, fireballs, leaves, butterflies and who knows what else, something will rise.  A fountain or LED sculpture is still to be determined.


  The Solar Flare sculpture that I had hoped to make has turned out to be not so viable using LED lights.  However this does not mean my brain has been idle.  I am thinking of an LED plant sculpture where the light emits from the stems out onto the leaves.  Another idea, is to have a water wheel that creates some kind of movement, similar to a mill stone....

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